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Transfer Maids In Singapore

Transfer maids are domestic helpers who are already employed in Singapore and are looking for another employer to transfer over to for one reason or another. The reasons could range from their employers relocating and not requiring their services anymore to the designated families not being the perfect fit for the helper. These transfer maids can then be transferred to work for a new employer with written consent from their former employer.

Why Hire Transfer Maids In Singapore

In contrast to hiring a new maid from her home country, where the application process can be lengthy and tedious, these maids from Indonesia, Myanmar and the Philippines are already in Singapore and are available for hire within a week or two.

1. Faster: Shortlisting different maids, conducting interviews, and waiting for their arrival is a lengthy process and will take at least a month or more. This whole process of hiring a domestic helper can be cut short with a transfer maid or transfer helper in Singapore. A transfer helper also minimizes potential problems such as flight delays and immigration troubles.

2. Cheaper: Hiring a maid does not have to be a costly affair. With transfer maids, expenses such as plane tickets and work permit fees are excluded. The new employer only has to pay for the security bond and insurance. If you are on a budget and looking to hire some cheaper help, transfer helpers in Singapore are a good choice.

3. Less Training Time: Transfer maids from Indonesia, Myanmar, and the Philippines are already pre-trained in Singapore and therefore can better understand simple English, Mandarin, or even dialects; Orienting and training them can be completed very quickly. Since the transfer maid is already in Singapore, potential employers can also conduct face-to-face interviews, ask in-depth questions, and get to know her more personally.

Steps To Hiring A Transfer Maid In Singapore With Femme5

Step 1: Selection of Transfer Maid in Singapore

At Femme5, we strongly believe that a strong fit makes a happy home. That’s why we conduct House Visits anytime at your convenience so we can find out more about your family and lifestyle to recommend the right transfer maid for you.

Our Singapore transfer helper sare from the Philippines, Indonesia, and Myanmar. All of them are trained and equipped to handle basic housekeeping chores, child care, elder care, preparing meals, and pet care. Contact us and let us know of your requirements and we will plan and organize everything for you from start to end.

Step 2: Interview And Confirmation Of The Transfer Maid

Hiring a domestic helper is a big decision as you’ll be inviting a stranger to live under the same roof with you and your family members. Other than a House Visit, Femme5 also allows you to interview potential transfer maid candidates so you can personally assess if she possesses the right skills for your needs.

Upon confirmation of your transfer maid, we will complete all the paperwork for you, including the transfer documents and renewal of the transfer maid’s work permit. We also assist you in purchasing the necessary insurance coverage and any comprehensive add-ons to enhance your plan so you can enjoy a fuss-free process.

Femme5 does not charge the mandatory settling-in programme fees, security bond, maid insurance, air ticket fees and work permit application fees.

Step 3: Pick Up Your Transfer Maid From Our Maid Agency

Once all the documents are settled, you will receive a call from us and can come down to pick up your transfer maid from our domestic helper agency in Singapore – all within a week.

If you are looking for a transfer maid in Singapore, check out Femme5! We are a maid transfer agency recruiting Filipino, Myanmar and Indonesian transfer maids. With our services, you can now find a reliable domestic helper within a very short period, as quickly as within a week.

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