Which Nationality of FDW we have?
  • Filipino
  • Indonesian
  • Myanmar
What is included in our packages?
  • Air Ticket
  • Medical Check up in Destinated Country
  • Training School Expenses for 3 Weeks
  • Loan at the Destinated Country
  • Training Assessment
  • Examination Certificate
  • Passport Application
  • Singapore Medical Check and X-ray
  • Transport Expenses for Work Permit and Medical Check up
  • Training in Singapore (1Week)
  • Work Permit


Package Excludes

  • Insurance + Bond
  • Sip Course
How many times can i change my FDW?
  • 2 Free placement within 6 months for Filipino FDW
  • 2 Free placement within 6 months Indonesian FDW
  • 2 Free placement within 6 months for Myanmar FDW
If I'm a First Time FDW employer, how should i choose my helper?
  • We will shortlist and recommend the right candidate according to your requirements.
  • We strongly believe a good fit makes a happy home.
What do you mean by Peronalised Home Service?
  • Your time is precious, let us do the work and come to you at your convenient time to your home.
What are the steps if I'm keen to find out more?
  • Contact us! (Email, Whatsapp, Call)
  • Tell us your requirements/concerns
  • We will source & recommend the right candidate just for you.
  • After viewing FDW’s biodata and upon keen selection, we will do a House Visit at your place and convenience to find out more about your family and living lifestyle. (This is to ensure that we will pre-train/prep the FDW to cater to your house requirements)
  • Once FDW is confirmed, we will need to collect the package payment so as to proceed with documentations and quickly bring the FDW to your house without any hassle.
What if I need to speak to Femme5 after office hours?
  • Our operating hours are from 10:00am to 10:00pm.
  • We seek your understanding if we are unable to respond beyond operating hours,
  • However we will try our best to be there throughout your journey with us.

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