New Maid Vs Transfer Maid In Singapore: Which Is Better?

Posted on 01/ 02/ 2024

An extra pair of hands can make a huge difference in how clean your house stays and how happy your family is! With many Singaporeans opting to employ domestic maids, it is important to know what options are available to you. Whether you hire a new maid or a transfer maid in Singapore through a maid transfer service, there are a few things to think about. In addition to how much it will cost, you will also need to consider their skill level and language proficiency. Writing down your reasons for hiring a maid and the tasks that she will be responsible for will be a good starting point in deciding what sort of a maid would best suit your needs.

New Maid Vs Transfer Maid in Singapore: Which One To Hire?

New Maids

When you hear the term “new maid,” it means someone who has never worked as a maid in Singapore. When she is hired as a domestic helper in Singapore, it will be her first-time taking care of a family as a maid.


1. Willingness to work more with less time off (one day or no day off at all).

2. Willingness to accept a lower salary.
It’s like hiring a recent college graduate to work in an office. This person doesn’t get paid as much as the best workers because she isn’t very experienced yet.

3. You can train a new maid the way you want.
If you teach her something new, she’ll listen. She’ll also be able to adapt more quickly to your home’s culture because she’s starting from scratch.


1. Will need a lot of help from you at the beginning.

Your new maid will have to learn how to do things and assimilate into both your home and the country’s culture. She may also not know where certain places are in Singapore and may not be able to get around on her own initially. Therefore, you will have to be patient with her.

2. You will have to shoulder all of the costs associated with hiring your new maid.

You will have to pay for the maid’s airfare, paperwork, and agency fees. Other than that, you will also need to shoulder the costs for the settling-in program and insurance too. The cost is certainly going to be much higher than hiring a transfer maid from a maid transfer service in Singapore.

Transfer Maids

Transfer maids are helpers who have already been working in Singapore for a while and want to move to a new job with a different employer. Even though some people may feel reluctant to employ transfer maids without knowing why they left their previous job in Singapore, with the help of a reliable maid transfer service agency like Femme5 you can easily do a background check to clarify all your doubts.


1. Have already worked in Singapore.
Since the transfer maid is already here in Singapore, you can request to meet the maid in person and pick the best person with less hassle.

2. You get to interview them face-to-face.
Interviewing a helper through a webcam isn’t the same as getting to know them in person. With a transfer maid, an employer can meet her face-to-face and ask about her skills, experience, and work history. You can get a better sense of their personality this way.

3. Already know the surroundings of Singapore well.
They already know what to do when they’re off work and you don’t have to worry about them getting lost or not being able to adapt to a new country because of its culture.


1. A transfer maid could bring her old habits home.
You, as her boss, might not be able to change how she does things. When the maid isn’t used to change, retraining could be a lot of work.

2. You may have to pay a higher monthly salary and give time off.
This is because she has a lot of experience and has been working in Singapore for a long time. She will have a fair understanding of Singaporean labor laws and see these things as basic job perks. It isn’t required for foreign domestic workers to take time off on public holidays, but some of the more experienced helpers might ask for that, too.

Hire a Transfer Maid with Femme5

If you are looking to employ a maid with Singapore work experience and want to do so quickly, a transfer maid unquestionably makes a better fit for you. As they are already in Singapore, much of the recruitment process is simplified for you.

When hiring a new maid or a transfer maid, always make sure you do so through a reliable maid agency like Femme5. With years of industry experience and a highly satisfied client portfolio, our team at Femme5 understands your requirements well. We make every effort to find reliable maids with excellent references, who will fit into your family culture well.

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