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Why choose Femme5 Maid Agency?

Professional and Quality Service 

Trust, reliability, quality, respect and professionalism are the key foundation when you embark on the journey of seeking a maid. This is what we stand for because we ourselves are employers of maids or caregivers.

To us, it is more than being the best or the leading maid agency. We believe that it should be hassle-free to employ a maid or caregiver for our loved ones. 

This is our commitment to you.

Personalised and Hassle-free Service

At Femme5, we strongly believe that a strong fit makes a happy home. Thus, we conduct House Visits any time at your convenience so we can find out more about your family and lifestyle to shortlist and recommend the right maid for you.

Additional Pre-training 

Femme5 is a strong advocate of rendering additional pre-trainings like a helper cooking class to provide the targeted needs that you require. 

Let Us Create A Journey With You


  • Coaching For New Maids (Philippines/Indonesia/Myanmar/Mizoram)
  • Medical Checkups
  • Application, Renewal & Cancellation Of Work Permits
  • Renewal Of Passport
  • Comprehensive Insurance Coverage
  • Boarding of Maids
  • Transfer Maids
  • On-Site Training Programs
  • Arranging Of Maids Returning Home

After-Sales Services

  • 1 free rearrangement within 6 months for all maids from Indonesia, Philippines, Myanmar and Mizoram.
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